Sunday, October 27, 2013


Today is the last lesson for our module. =)

We had our quiz 2 today. So dead man. I only thought of the answer after I submitted my paper. *faint* Totally stuck at this question for the longest time.

QNS: Write a problem sum for “3 ÷ = 4½”


I have a 3m long ribbon. How many m of ribbon can I cut out from the 3m ribbon?


I have 3 bottles of water. How many cups of filled of water can I get?

To end off our module, we played an interesting game in group of 3s. We played the game “Salute”.

All you need for this game is just a stack of poker cards. So basically, this is how you play:
1.    Form group of 3. Place the stack of cards in the middle.
2.  Player 1 and 2 will take a card each from the stack of cards.
3.   Player 3 will then say “Salute” and the other 2 players will have to place the cards on their forehead without looking at it.
4.  Player 3 will then multiply the 2 numbers together and player 1 and 2 will have to guess the card that they have,
5.  After being familiarize with the game, we can also modify the game; instead of multiplying the numbers, we can add the numbers together.

So this marks the end of our module on “Elementary Mathematics”. It has been an interesting and fruitful week with Dr. Yeap. I had fun solving the different problems given to us.

The most important thing that I have learnt and can bring back to my classroom is the CPA approach.


It is important for us teachers to identify which stage the children are at and provide them with the appropriate guidance so that they will be able to understand the concept taught and do it. 

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